When screenwriters Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden read the book 20 Times a Lady, about a woman who is afraid she's slept with too many men to be able to find the right one, they knew they had to get involved. The book turned out to be a great starting place for a movie they would title What's Your Number? Starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans, this romantic comedy takes a look at one woman's sexual dating history. Thanks to programming like Sex and the City and box-office hits like Bridesmaids, studios no longer shy away from women leads talking, with candor and humor, about their sex lives.

Script sat down with Allan and Crittenden to find out how they brought the taboo topic of multiple partners to the big screen, with tons of laughs and a whole lot of heart.

Podcast highlights:

  • "We wanted to find an edgy female comedy ..."
  • "We had pitched TV but we didn't realize how different features are ..."
  • "What their true number really is ..."